Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Release: Bad Candy: Part One by Ava Alise

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Bad Candy: Part One
by Ava Alise

Series: Contemporary Romance

Want to know the fastest way to screw up a sacred bond?

Have sex with your sister's best friend and find out. I sure did.

I know, I know. It was a total dick move, Kelsa -- my very vocal sister -- never lets me forget that one golden rule. Hooking up with her best friend is a serious no-no.

To bad I didn't listen.

See, Renee Espada has always been "bad candy", a term Kelsa and I coined when we were kids. The ultimate temptation. That's exactly what she is. Sweet, innocent, and totally off limits.

Ever since we met, it's been a battle on my self-control. Then I moved into the apartment she shares with Kelsa. As if I wasn't struggling enough. I can't help but flirt with her -- it's just who I am -- but this feels like more than some flirtatious crush.

Every time I look down at those pouty lips I force myself not to imagine sucking on them.

A sweet taste.

I remind myself that we're just friends. I shouldn't visualize grabbing a handful of her wavy hair as I bend that perfect little body over the counter.


And I definitely need to stop thinking about how entranced I'd be in those big doe-eyes as she looks up to me, lips wrapped around my ...

Just one lick.

But what I never expected? Renee would make the first move. Sorry, sis. I tried.

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Ava Alise is a contemporary new adult romance author, who enjoys writing stories with sexy complex characters in an imperfect world. While her stories always sizzle, they will also take you on an emotional ride that will hold you hostage until the end. She is married to the love of her life and has two children. She enjoys a good laugh and will talk to just about anybody.

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