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Cover Reveal: Identity's Kiss by E.M. Shue

Title: Identity's Kiss Author: E.M. Shue
Available for Pre-Order! BOOKS2READ
Series: Securities International; Book 6 Genre: Romantic Suspense

Kathryn's life is secrets and lies. A CIA operative who regularly breaks the rules and conducts investigations within US borders. She wakes up every morning to look in the mirror at a woman that isn't her, she is truly two women trapped in one body. When her sister is kidnapped, she'll use the US government, Securities International and even the one man who ignites her body. The man that hates her, for her lies.
Tony will do anything to build his career back to where it was before his father destroyed it. As a deep cover CIA operative, he will annihilate the man that fathered him while using the one woman he denies himself of. The one woman that brings his dominant desires to the surface. He knows there is more to her than a runaway model, but he can't crack her.
They embark on a journey to destroy one man and find her sist…

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